The Sugar Art Family

The Sugar Art Family

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post! I'm Holly, wife to Ed the Color Guy and am excited to share a little more about our company, history and family!

First off, we are a powdered food coloring manufacturer, located in Grandview, Texas! This is a family business and started more than 25 years ago ... some may remember us as "ECG Supplies." It was founded in the 90's by Elzbieta Frys, Edward's mother.

Both of Edward's parents are Polish Immigrants, with his dad Tony immigrating here as a young child who survived a World War II work camp and was liberated by the American Soldiers. His mother arrived to the United States from Poland in the 1970's as a twenty-something year old young woman, hoping to chase the American dream.

Soon after her arrival she met Tony Frys and they married just 3 days later and have been for 50 years! After Tony landed a job in Texas, Elzbieta went in search of a hobby.  Being a home economics teacher in Poland, she was always drawn to the art of baking.  After finding a cake decorator and seeing their incredible gum-paste flowers, she promptly asked for a job to assist in this specific task. She had a knack for the gum-paste flower craft and quickly became a leading cake and sugar artist in the United States. She traveled worldwide teaching gum-paste flower work, and along the way developing her very own powdered food coloring.

The company was then founded as European Cake Gallery, where they made beautiful award-winning wedding cakes and carried a limited supply of their products. The dust quickly took the industry by storm and the family made the decision to retire from cake decorating, focusing on growing the baking supplies portion of their company.

About 8 years ago our founder and hero, Elzbieta, retired and we transitioned to "The Sugar Art." Our company is now owned by Edward A. Frys and his two brothers, Andjrez Frys and Tony Frys.  All of whom have been in the cake decorating industry since they were young children.

Edward  has received notoriety in the industry on his own merit as well, winning multiple awards for his innovative sugar art at various Trade Shows. He has competed on Food Network twice, and been featured on one cake reality show between 2008-2010. He is the president and leader of this company, constantly developing new and innovative products for the industry. To this day we have 4 lines of FDA Compliant and Powdered Food Coloring, including: Elite Dusts, Master Elite Dusts, Sterling Pearls and DiamonDust.

Edward and his family have worked tirelessly in the cake and cookie industry educating on dusts, their use and what defines edible vs. non-toxic products. They are the leaders in dust education and all of their tutorials can be found on their IGTV Channel via Instagram.

 Ed and myself have worked incredibly hard on social media and developing solid education and tutorials on a weekly basis! We have huge plans for this company and could not be more grateful for your support!

We thank you so much for being here and ask that you please follow along on Instagram ... this journey has been amazing so far and we fully expect it to continue!


All our hearts,

Ed and Holly

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Joni Malfitano December 15 2019

I Don’t know if I did this already but I’m commenting on your blog! I love your stuff and I’m sharing with everybody I know. I even gave it out as Christmas gifts to fellow cooker yours my area🥰

Dennise December 15 2019

Y’all are truly inspiring!! Doing an awesome job with your products. I absolutely love my diamond dust, and hopefully I can get my hands on some elites now.

Melaina Huff-Ware December 15 2019

I loved reading more about the family and the business history! I am thankful to the founders for starting the business, and to the current owners for continued development and innovation. The only experience I’d previously had with powdered food coloring was a product that I can no longer easily find (from a large manufacturer of baking supplies). I’ve been using several of your products for quite a while, but the addition of the Master Elites has been a game changer. I’m so happy for you and your team, and can’t wait to see what you do next! Xoxo

Cynthia A. December 15 2019

You both are so inspiring! Your faith is an amazing thing to see throughout your posts and blog. Thank you for sharing with us all!

Elyssa Chidester December 15 2019

I loved learning about the history behind the magic! So cool you guys are continuing to innovate and push the boundaries on these amazing products!!

Miranda Grant December 15 2019

So awesome! I had been researching dusts for fda approved and just information on them and could never find it, until I stumbled on your Instagram and am so grateful! I love your stuff and love your mission!

Cynthia December 15 2019

Love your story. Inspiring how positive and happy your are. ❤️

Missy Renaud December 15 2019

Such an awesome story. Definitely going to try to find Ed’s episodes on the Food Network. Thank you for creating such amazing products and putting an emphasis on beautiful, quality, fully edible “glitters” on the market.

Lucia chacon December 15 2019

Such an amazing business with amazing people. Your work is amazing and I’m so excited to watch it continue to grow!

Jenny December 14 2019

I’ve just recently come across your insta and am so happy to be following you and can not wait to place my first order!

Alexis December 14 2019

Hearing your story makes me feel all the more wonderful about supporting your small business! You have a customer for life❤️

Ben sosa December 14 2019

This is amazing! God bless your family! God always has a plan and a purpose for all of us! Thank you for sharing this with the world!

Carrie Davis December 14 2019

Great story! Such an inspiration to the baking community!

Bahar Favaretto December 14 2019

Thank you so much for the amazing products which I use and recommend to everybody who comes to my classes. Thank you for your customer support, thank you to be so much patient to answer all my questions when I started to know your products and thank you a lot more…

Kimberly ruiz December 14 2019

I just want to say thank you for making the best products out there to color and bling up our baked goods and for all that you share with everyone and for you both just being ya’all.

Beth December 14 2019

I just love a story of a family business

Brandi December 14 2019

What an amazing family history! I love knowing how everything started. God has truly blessed your company and your family!

Samie Gamblin @samiemaebakes December 14 2019

Wow! I never know that this company has been around for so long. Love your products!

Michelle December 14 2019

No greater business than one started with passion and a love for what you do. Best wishes for all your future endeavors with this company. I have personally been blessed by your testimonies, tutorials, products and your beautiful smiles. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Daniella Mendoza December 14 2019

I love your story, Thanks for sharing 😊

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