Best Colors for Chocolate

Elite Colors are FAT SOLUBLE colors and blend beautifully inside of chocolate! Keep in mind, however, that Elites are already activated and will take MORE powdered chocolate food coloring to achieve desired tones. 

The general rule of thumb is 1/4-1/2 tsp of chocolate dye per 4-6 oz of white chocolate. It will all depend how dark the color of the chocolate dye is that you are working with. Lighter tones, like Daisy, could take more. It is BEST to work with Elites on the accent colors of your treats, where you are attempting to color 6 oz of white chocolate or less.

Master Elites are not fat soluble colors and will not work as chocolate food color, with the exception of Black and White Master Elites. These are the only two Master Elites that CAN tint chocolate.