Ed's Favorites

Ed has chosen his FAVORITE products across all collections! He even explains why below! For more video demonstrations, visit the latest blog: "Ed's Top Picks." 

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Sterling Pearl, Edible Luster Dust


"It's the perfect traditional gold, as it is deeper and richer in tone. It compliments darker cakes such as chocolate or grooms cakes. I really love painting with Wedding Gold the best. If you're painting our luster dust or paint powders, don't forget The Color Solution! It's a product I am incredibly proud of!"


"As of late, I'm very impressed by Super Silver's brilliance and shine when painted. Normally I would have said it is a little dark, but with all the wedding cakes I'm doing this year, it has become my go-to. I've never made a better or truer silver."


"It is so unique compared to any other color we have. It's a blue tone, however, the pearl that shines through is actually gold. It just has the beauty about it, where you can apply it to almost anything. It has a delicate feel, but can also be very masculine as well."


"This is a sharp pink pearl that has a ton of applications. I've used this on baby shower cakes, wedding cakes and even to add a little bit of highlight on "cheeks" for figurines in the past."

DiamonDust, Edible Glitter


"Unlike a lot of DiamonDusts, the Rainbow can fit on almost any confection. Without having pigment tinting this particular edible glitter, it still compliments any base. For instance, if you have a white cookie - then the gold, red, blue and green pearls inside of it really give it a "fantasy look." Likewise, if you're doing a colorful treat you can add Rainbow, but it won't take away from the icing colors' vibrance." 

10k Gold

"Gold tones look good on any color and really level up your confections. When people think of gold, they think of regal and opulence.


"This is best on dark colored confections, such as chocolate truffles or strawberries, dark icing cookies, etc. to give it a beautiful contract and brilliant sparkle!"


"The most unique blue / green edible glitter on the market, frankly! I love the tone of Mermaid, works amazing inside of drinks and looks INCREDIBLE on confections. Just simply stunning."

Master Elites, Vibrant Food Colors


"This is a great, soft red. It can achieve the most beautiful pinks you've ever seen, but also get very close to a stunning red tone. It's not as rich as Red Rose, but it's just as special. Pro-Tip: If you use this sparingly, then you can pick up on the slight yellow tones found in this particular color. Which gives you a great softness to the pink."


"The geek and nerd in me just LOVES this color. Not only is it beautiful, but it is visually impressive. Going from it's raw powder form of a burnt orange, to the most gorgeous sharp lime green you've ever seen - it will knock your socks off!"


"Constantly impressed by this color. You can use just the tiniest bit and achieve the softest blue, all the way to almost the most rich royal blue you've ever seen (by using more). But be aware - this color will sneak up on you and get very intense over time. Less is more with Sapphire Sky."


"Every time I use this color, it reminds me of the start of our company. My mother, the founder, she got international acclaim for her lilac flowers. This color is the most beautiful nod to our roots. I really adore the balance between the blue and red in this color, it reminds of my mom."

Elite Painting Powders


"One of the most versatile colors I make. While it is a painting powder, I also love to mix it inside of chocolate or icings to achieve various skin tones. It has the perfect blend of blue, red and yellow. It's also gorgeous dry dusted or painted on fall confections."


"I specifically love to use Turkish black for shading! It's not the truest black that we have, but when dusted it gives you the gorgeous appearance of shadows and depth."


"This is named after my grandmother, and this color is amazing to adding blush in a dry or painted form. And I highly recommend using Color Solution when painting! It is one of my proudest products yet."


"This color is great whenever you need to add highlights! I really like this product to be painted on as well - again, with THE COLOR SOLUTION. And it's very strong as a dry dust, but it's real brilliance comes out when painted."