Elite Colors


Elites are 100% edible powdered food coloring! They are very different from Master Elites, however, so please review the education below! You can shade, dust, paint (with alcohol, water or extract) or even airbrush with them! They are also capable of coloring CHOCOLATE. Keep in mind, it will take more of the Elite Color to achieve desired tones.


We recommend choosing the deepest / richest tones we make (like Mona Lisa, for example) so your jar will last you much longer! Unlike Master Elites, Elite Colors are already activated. What you see in the jar is what you will get, which is why it takes MORE of the dust to achieve desired tones when mixing inside Chocolate or any other sugar medium.


And yes, they can also tint royal icing, fondant, buttercream, etc - but it will take more of the Elite Color in these mediums. We recommend working with Master Elites for all ingredients excluding chocolate.  Please see the "Video Demonstrations" tab on our website for more education around Master Elites.



Shading + Dusting

Elites are perfect for adding dimension and shading to any confection, whether it be a cake or cookie! Simply dip a fluffy brush into your elite powder and start to fill in shadows to give your sugar art piece more life!

Demonstration by @kirkiekookies below:



You can also PAINT with Elite Dusts, by mixing them into water, vodka or high-proof alcohol (such as Everclear). For cookies in particular, Everclear is ideal since the alcohol evaporates instantly and will not affect your royal icing. Water can dissolve sugar, so when painting with water and Elite Colors, use sparingly.

Demonstration by Blayre @getsweetaf


Airbrushing with Elites is Ed's favorite application! Simply mix a small amount of your powder with a larger amount of vodka or Everclear, ensuring the airbrush consistency is more liquid than thick. Use a dropper to transfer your airbrush mixture to the airbrush gun (see our highly rated Pegasus) and voila! You now have a wide spectrum of color to shop from for all your airbrushing needs! See demonstrations below:


Colororing CHOCOLATE:

Elite Colors are fat soluble and already activated, unlike Master Elites, so they are PERFECT for coloring chocolate! Keep in mind, however, it will take much more powder to achieve desired tones ... so choose the darkest colors from our collections, so your jar will last as long as possible! We also recommend using Elite Colors for chocolate on small chocolate projects, not needing to color more than 6 oz of white chocolate.

Coloring dark chocolate will be very, very difficult with any colorants - as you have to use a lot to overcome the natural deep brown color in chocolate. See demonstrations below: