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Ted Scutti and Adam Starkey

These two self-taught masters of cake decorating and sugar artistry take exceptional pride in creating a stunning array of wedding and specialty cakes for the most chic, exclusive events in the world. Since opening Sugar Sugar Cake Studio in 2009, their delicious desserts have been featured by many national and international media sources, making their cakes the signature of not only their boutique bakery, but all of Arizona.

Ted Scutti's cake career began in high school when he worked for Baskin-Robbins decorating ice cream cakes part-time. Soon after, he took an extended leave from cake decorating to attend college and graduate school, and then consulting for eleven years at Accenture. Ted reignited his passion for cakes by baking a red velvet cake for a dinner party, and over the next two years, he went from creating increasingly more elaborate cakes for friends and family to forming Sugar Sugar Cake Studio with Adam.

Adam Starkey always had an interest in cooking, baking, but more so working with chocolate and candy. Those sweet interests continue today as he handles all of the sugar work for the Sugar Sugar Cake Studio. His journey into professional sugar artistry began when he got caught up in the whirlwind of baking shortly after meeting Ted. Adam is also responsible for engineering the structures of the most technically challenging cakes produced by this boutique bakery. He pursues his cake artistry while also working for the consulting firm Accenture.

Ted and Adam have been recognized, by their peers, as leaders in the designer cake industry. Their distinctive work has been featured numerous times on the cover, and inside the magazine American Cake Decorating. Others publications their cakes have been featured in included international magazines Cake Masters and Wedding Cakes: A Design Source in the U.K., and Modern Wedding Cakes & Styling in Australia. In the U.S., they have been published in Edible Artists Network and The Art of Celebration Southwest, and have appeared on TLC’s Four Weddings. Ted and Adam’s work have, also, been featured in advertising campaigns for Marvelous Molds, Icing Images and American Cake Decorating.

Ted and Adam teach fun and informative hand-made floral and sugar craft classes, as well as offer private instruction.