How To Color Royal Icing!

How To Color Royal Icing!

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Ed's here to teach you how to color royal icing using the top food colors, MASTER ELITES (click for products)!  Since Master Elites are raw food colors, you can make the most powerful "gel" by following just a few simple steps. 


First, if you're new to Master Elites please visit THIS BLOG (click here) for a full break-down of the product, what to expect and how to use it in various mediums including: buttercream, cake batter, macarons, ganache and more!


Royal icing is possibly the easiest sugar medium to color with Master Elites, since it is filled with moisture (water). However, you can kickstart your coloring process by activating your Master Elite with just a FEW drops of water! You can follow this step placing the powder right on top of your royal icing or in a separate small container, either way - be sure you add a few drops of water and mix the powder gently to get all of the color crystals dissolved - as you see Ed do in this demonstration!

What this accomplishes is two things:

  1. It breaks down those color crystals, minimizing streaking later!
  2. It activates this incredibly powerful food color right away, so you will not over-color your icing! 

Another thing to remember when coloring royal icing whether it is with Master Elites or gel food colors, STOP 1-2 shades ahead of your actual tone. Especially with Master Elites! As the icing dries, the color will only intensify! 


We have an entire blog on how to use our Master Elite Red Rose and achieve the most VIBRANT red royal icing ever! Red Rose is slightly different from the remainder of the colors in the Master Elite Collection, and this blog will break it down for you!



Are you interested in learning how to color cookie dough? We got you covered! Simply use the same technique and ensure your Master Elite gets in contact with MOISTURE before adding it to your cookie dough! We often do multiple colors from 1 batch and like to hand-knead the dough for this process. Here's a demonstration for you!


ALL OF OUR MASTER ELITES! Best food colors in the cake and cookie industry! Scroll down for our top selling colors!


We appreciate your support so much and hope you enjoyed this video!

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