How To Know If Luster Dust Is Edible?

How To Know If Luster Dust Is Edible?

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Let's talk luster dust and how to identify what is edible vs. decorative use only. But first, here's a one time use only discount code for stopping by our blog! Code: ediblelusterblog for 10% off your entire purchase!

Starting with basics - Here are the 3 things you look for on the product label when sourcing 100% edible food products:

1. Lot Number

2. Expiration Date

3. DETAILED List of Ingredients

All of The Sugar Art's products pass these FDA Requirements with flying colors! Pun intended. ;) Every single food color, edible glitter and edible luster dust sold on is 100% edible, FDA Compliant and Kosher Certified! But let's review a commonly used luster dust that doesn't meet these requirements ...


Have you heard of Highlighter? Highlighter is actually the most common example of a "decorative use only" product. It is not intended for consumption and in the United States is not considered "non toxic." It is deemed as, "decorative use only."

Well what does that mean for sugar artists? Highlighter can be used on decorative elements, but only in very specific instances. For example: sugar flowers, cake toppers, things that will not be consumed by your customer and removed completely from the cake once ready to serve. We also recommend taking appropriate steps to ensure the piece that contains highlighter, does not come in direct contact with the cake that will be consumed. For example, small papers, doilies, etc as a separator. That is the appropriate use of Highlighter.

So when you're wanting to apply a gorgeous sheen or paint a metallic, you need to exclusively use edible luster dusts! Which is why we pioneered the largest selection of 100% edible luster dusts in this industry, Sterling Pearls!


Let's do a QUICK rundown on the best ways to use Edible Luster Dust!

Sterling Pearls are activated food colors mixed with a natural mineral named mica. They are best applied topically - painting, dusting and yes, even airbrushing! Mix our edible gold luster dusts to paint on a unicorn cookie or flick gold splatter onto a hot cocoa bomb! Try dry dusting, let's say Super Pearl, all over your fondant tier or wedding dress cookie, for that beautiful satin finish!!! Or even mix up a beautiful airbrush color and use an intricate stencil to create that gorgeous background sheen!

There are so many uses for edible luster dusts, and here's a few videos below to prove it! We'll be posting more in-depth instructional blogs around Sterling Pearls in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Y'all take care & thank you for being TEAM SUGAR ART!

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