How To Use Edible Glitter Dust

How To Use Edible Glitter Dust

Let's learn how to use edible glitter! Edible Glitter is ALL THE RAVE right now, and we like to think The Sugar Art had SOMETHING to do with that. ;) Spring of 2018 DiamonDust swooped in and changed the industry forever!

DiamonDust was released at our very first CookieCon Show in Reno, Nevadal! It spun heads, blew minds and instantly improved the industry as a whole. Finally, sugar artists had a safe and beautiful option to make those confections sparkle! Unlike the very popular non-toxic / non-edible Disco Dust, DiamonDust is 100% edible and safe to use on any food or drink!

Many would like to know, but HOW do you use edible glitter? Well you've come to the right place my friend ... we will tell you just that!

A General Rule With Edible Glitter Dust

Edible glitter is made of two main ingredients (or should be) - FDA compliant food colors and a natural mineral, mica.  It is a very fine powder that sparkles like crazy! It is tasteless and leaves a very smooth finish, unless using an abundant amount. When using it on cakes, cookies, chocolates and even macarons, keep the actual DiamonDust DRY in it's original container. Do not add any liquid to edible glitter dust when using it for confections. We'll talk about drinks later ;) ... Simply sprinkle or spray it on top of all your treats!

Edible Glitter Cakes (or cupcakes)

So let's start with the OG of the industry, CAKES! Applying edible glitter dust to cakes (or cupcakes) is very simple. You'll want to sprinkle or spray it on top of fresh fondant or icings. That's it! You can even spray it onto your actual baked cake, which is what you see us do above in the first strawberry shortcake video! The moisture from all of these mediums helps the very fine edible glitter adhere to your surface.

Edible Glitter Cookies

You could spray your edible glitter dust on fresh baked cookies, we've done this many times! Make sure you get that glitter on as soon as you pull them out of the oven! The residual heat helps keep that moisture in the dough, which is just enough for the DiamonDust to adhere!

There's many royal icing consistencies, however, and sometimes if your royal icing is too "wet" the mica particles could get lost ... but most cookie decorators use a medium consistency when flooding their cookies! Not too wet, and not too firm - somewhere in between. This is the PERFECT consistency to spray your DiamonDust straight on! Or even super firm icing will hold the edible glitter very well.

Edible Glitter Macarons

Macarons are very special cookies, amiright?! lol! Because of their unique density, you can spray your DiamonDust after you've piped your shells and BEFORE baking them! The dense macaron batter will maintain the gorgeous shine even in the oven! You could also spray the DiamonDust as soon as you pull them out of the oven.  Either way, your glitter macs will be incredible!

Edible Glitter Chocolate

Chocolate covered strawberries are trending for sure, (Click HERE for our blog on this topic) and will be for years to come! Because of the oils inside of chocolate, there is always enough moisture whether you decide to sprinkle it on straight away after dipping your chocolate strawberry!

But let's say you're doing cakesicles ... Try sprinkling the edible glitter inside of your mold before pouring the chocolate! This will help the edible glitter to adhere well. Or simply spray onto your cake gems, like in the video above, as soon as you've taken them out of the mold. There is always enough moisture from the oils in chocolate for DiamonDust to adhere, unless your chocolate piece has sit out for over 24-hours.

Edible Glitter Drinks

So now that we've taught you NOT to add any liquid to DiamonDust for confections ... let's cancel that rule for drinks! :) The difference is a substantial glass of clear liquid (let's say champagne, for example) will SUSPEND the edible glitter and you will still see the gorgeous sparkles! We recommend using White Diamond or Champagne in clear cocktails, to maintain the natural color of your drink! However, you can also add some of our bright DiamonDusts, like Pink for example, to add color AND sparkles to your cocktail!

Pink DiamonDust would be a great idea for a Valentine's Day Champagne! Green DiamonDust  for St. Patty's Day, Holly Berry Red DiamonDust for Christmas ... you get the idea. ;)

Here's an awesome video of a TEAL GLITTER DRINK! (Click here!)

Let's chat about keeping DiamonDust for your treats dry one last time! If you were to mix liquid and edible glitter for confections, it essentially becomes a very thick luster dust that will not paint or perform well. Again, feel free to mix it inside any cocktail, tea or beverage of your choice! We promise you will LOVE DiamonDust in all the drinks!

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Thank you for stopping by our blog today, we hope you enjoyed learning all about the BEST edible glitter, DiamonDust!

Take care, y'all -

Team Sugar Art

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