Master Elites and Bright Icing Colors

Master Elites and Bright Icing Colors

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Are you interested in learning how to get bright icing colors? Start by trying powder food colors! Master Elites are highly intense powder food colors, intended exclusively to color your icings, fondant, batters and more!  These powdered food colors are activated by moisture, so what you see in your Master Elite jar is NOT the color you will get! Each label defines the ultimate tone intended for that particular Master Elite.

Breakdown of Master Elites:
    • Master Elites are raw powder food colors, only activated by moisture. You may be surprised to see what raw food colors look like - but trust us, add it to your ingredients and BOOM! Best colors ever.
  • Master Elites work with almost any ingredient!
    • Examples: icings, fondant, cake batter, macarons, cookie dough, BREAD and more!
  • Master Elites are not fat soluble and will not color chocolate.
    • The only exception to this rule is Master Elite Black and Master Elite White.
    • Black and White are oxide-based food colors and can achieve the truest tones of black and white.
    • You need MORE of the Black and White than any other ME, which is why they are sold exclusively in large jars!
  • Master Elites CAN, however, color GANACHE!
    • The heavy cream found in ganache will activate the Master Elite and you will have the most intense colors!
  • These powdered food colors are activated by MOISTURE.
    • Unlike gel food colors, Master Elites are the purest form of food coloring - without added preservatives and gums. So it is best to activate them in the moisture of your ingredient right away, to help kickstart the development process AND to break down those color crystals!
    • Examples of moisture:
    • Be sure your Master Elite comes in contact with moisture first, and it will be smooth sailing from there!
  • Time and development is needed.
    • Less is MORE when using powder food colors! Try the COLOR RING (click here) for a wonderful tool in measuring out the smallest amounts of Master Elites!
    • Stop a shade or two lighter of the desired tone, as your color is very likely to deepen and intensify! Recommend 20 min wait time before adding even more powdered food colors.
  • YES! Master Elites can stain mouths!
    • Unsure why this question comes up, but Master Elites are highly intense powder food colors. They are the same product as found in gel, without preservatives. They will stain mouths if using Black, Blue or intense tones.
  • Aftertaste? 
    • Master Elites do not contain preservatives or additives. You are receiving raw pigment food colors, most powerful food colors on the market!
    • As mentioned above - they are up to 5x's stronger than gel, because they do not contain additives, gums or preservatives.
    • If you use too much of any synthetic food coloring, there can be an aftertaste. This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to review all of the tutorials we have linked in this blog. We teach you how to achieve BRIGHT ICING COLORS, bright batters and more with each tutorial! They will also teach you how to activate the color early on in your process and use less powder overall - leaving zero aftertaste.
    • Their expiration can range from 3-5 years, depending on the lot # (check exact label for details.)
Check out full tutorials and videos below on how to work with Master Elites in these ingredients!

Master Elites + Royal Icing

Master Elites + Fall Colors In Royal Icing

Master Elites + Buttercream / Cake Batter (ABC and SMBC included)

Master Elites + Macarons (Both Italian and French Method included)

Take care, y'all!

Team Sugar Art

Master Elite Collection

Master Elite Collection

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Master Elites are intensely pigmented powdered food coloring, intended to tint royal icing, fondant, buttercream and isomalt. It is not a fat soluble product and will not work to color chocolate. 15 of the jars are 4g each, excluding the… read more

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