Shop and earn rewards every time you purchase! Rewards include discount codes, free shipping and more every time you shop with The Sugar Art! Rewards can be accrued from the date of sign-up only and the customer must sign into their rewards account for points to be given. 

** Please note, we are unable to retroactively honor or provide Rewards Points prior to the date of sign-up for the program. **

What are color points?

For every $1 you spend, the COLOR HAPPY CLUB will reward you with 3 color points.  Color points can be redeemed for various prizes ranging from $5 off to free shipping, it depends on how much you earn. Color points are only counted with the dollar amount spent on products, not shipping fees or ROUTE insurance fees.

How to sign up:

Click the pink shopping bag icon on the home page. It states "REWARDS."

Click "Join now" and then you will be redirected to a screen that will prompt you to put in your email address and password.

Moving forward, you will always want to sign in through this REWARDS ICON prior to making any purchases, so the system will track your color points. If you do not sign in prior to purchase, we are unable to honor those Rewards Points - so please never forget to login to the REWARDS ICON before buying!

How do I earn?

By making purchases at primarily, but you can also "follow" us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, etc to earn small amounts of Rewards by taking those actions. You can also earn points by writing reviews of our products, after you make a purchase and are prompted to do so via email. Review the image below to learn all ways to earn:

How do I redeem my color points?

We have many thresholds to meet in order to redeem color points, they are all outlined in the image below and can be found by logging into your account through the PINK ICON. Remember, always login through this icon in order track and redeem all points.

After you login through the pink icon, the website will either prompt you to use your points on the purchase or you can click "WAYS TO REDEEM" and copy the "code" issued and place it in the discount code box during checkout.

How long do the points last?

All points are good for 6 months after the issue-date. You will be notified when you have earned Color Points via email, you will also receive emails advising when color points are set to expire.