Apply For Wholesale


Open to retail storefronts that sell bakery supplies only. All other applicants will receive automatic denials. Review qualification details below.

Please do not apply to wholesale if you are not able to provide timely communication or make a purchase within 10 business days of the application submission. 

Once an application is submitted, you will receive a list of documents required to send via email within 5 days. If we do not receive that list of documents, an automated denial is sent off without the ability to reapply to the program. 

Please do not apply for wholesale if you are not ready to make your first purchase within 10 business days of approval. Once you are activated and do not purchase within that time frame, your account is permanently inactivated without the ability to reapply.

It is best to apply for wholesale when you are ready to purchase within 2-weeks (10 business days) of applying to the program. 


  • Applicants must have a retail supply store or an E-Commerce Store where you sell bakery supplies. We also approve boutique businesses as well, along with other retail storefronts. You must sell bakery tools and supplies to the public, that is the only way to qualify for wholesale.

  • Applicants that sell on 3rd party marketplaces do not qualify for wholesale (ie. Amazon, Etsy, Walmart Marketplace, etc). It will be an automatic denial. 
  • BAKERIES DO NOT QUALIFY (commercial or home). This includes restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, etc.  You will receive an automatic denial. 

Purchasing Guidelines If you Qualify:

  • Wholesale prices are 50% off MSRP (which you can find MSRP on our website, 

  • Minimum purchase is $300 USD every 6 months.

  • Products are sold in sleeves of 7 (Edible Glitter, Luster Dust and Powder Food Colors) or boxes of 12 (All Liquid Lines). 

  • First purchases must be made with 10 days of approval, or the account is permanently inactivated.

  • After the initial purchase, future purchases must be made at least once every year in order to remain active in the wholesale program. 

Click to formally apply after you have reviewed the qualifications above: