Diamondust is the sugar art industry's FIRST 100% Edible Glitter! It is FDA Compliant and Kosher Certified. Perfect for sprinkling on your cakes, cookies, macarons and more!

Best Practices
Cookies:  Wait until your royal icing has just crusted over prior to sprinkling or spraying DiamonDust! You will want to keep that beautiful mica-shine on top of your icing, but with just enough moisture for the fine glitter to adhere!
Cakes / Cupcakes: Buttercreams are a more dense icing and the DiamonDust can be sprayed on immediately after application! The beautiful glitter will come through instantly!
Macarons: Spray DiamonDust on your pre-baked macarons, after you pipe them out and just before you bake them! After the bake you will see that gorgeous glitter has adhered to the batter and it is spectacular!
Chocolate: Spray DiamonDust as the chocolate is just setting up or even after, as shown in the video below! The oil found in chocolate will help the DiamonDust to adhere naturally, even while dry.