Edible Glitter Covered Strawberries

First, let's color our white chocolate! Elite Colors are fat soluble and already activated, unlike Master Elites, so they are PERFECT for coloring chocolate! Keep in mind, however, it will take much more powder to achieve desired tones ... so choose the darkest colors from our collections, so your jar will last as long as possible!

We recommend using Elite Colors for chocolate on small chocolate projects, not needing to color more than 6 oz of white chocolate.

Here are our best food colors for coloring white chocolate.

Coloring dark/milk chocolate will be very, very difficult with any colorants - as you have to use a lot to overcome the natural deep brown color in chocolate. It is best to dry dust with Sterling Pearls for dark / milk chocolate pieces! 

Now, let's add some SHINE!

You will want to use our 100% edible glitter to achieve the gorgeous shine! Just sprinkle or spray right away on your freshly dipped chocolate strawberry. The wet chocolate will allow the edible glitter to adhere, and still maintain that gorgeous sparkle!  You can also try dusting our best selling edible luster dust for some shimmer!

See full video demonstrations below:

For another color demonstration with our Elites, check out this video below!