How to Make A St. Patrick's Day Cake!


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Learn how to make the most beautiful St. Patrick's Day Cake using our Master Elite Collection!  Featuring our good friend and long-time supporter, Ray Vizcaino @rayvizcaino!  Ray is an accomplished sugar artist featured on Food Network both as a competitor and judge many times! Be sure to follow him on Instagram @rayvizcaino

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Ray is demoing many of our products today, but the main one is Master Elites! Master Elites are highly-intense powdered food colors, intended to color most ingredients such as: icing, fondant, buttercream and more! Their only limitation - they cannot color chocolate! 

It is important to activate your Master Elite in some moisture at the beginning of your process in coloring the ingredients. Today, he is working with buttercream and activating it in warm buttercream - then adding it back to his main batch! This is a great technique and many cake decorators love doing it this way. 

You can also activate the Master Elites in a tablespoon of heavy cream, milk or even your egg whites! They just need come in contact with moisture early on in order to prevent streaking. 


For a full tutorial on Master Elites, please visit OUR BLOG (click here)!