Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Page


We only sell via our website and do not have a storefront for customers. You can order at or through multiple distributors across the nation. We do not provide a public list of those distributors, due to competitor concerns. If you wish to shop in person - please phone your local cake supply shop and ask if they carry The Sugar Art products! If they do not, please encourage them to do so! :)

All sales are final. We are a very small company and do not have the staff to sustain modifying or editing current orders. We will modify one order if it has not yet been fulfilled, but this is a ONE TIME courtesy for all customers. Moving forward, all sales will be final. Please ensure you are happy with your color selection prior to checking out. 

We are charged for all cancellations, both by Shopify and PayPal. There is a $3 cancellation fee to cover the charges we incur. Please ensure you are committed to ordering, as this policy is non-negotiable.

At times we do offer discount codes to customers either through social media or classes held by our colleagues in the industry. You will go to the cart and click on the small box at the bottom (to the left) "I agree to all Terms and Conditions..." From there you are taken to a cart page and the Promo Code Box is listed at the bottom of the products you are purchasing.

Sales & Returns

We do not allow returns or exchanges on food coloring, as they are food products. Please be sure to carefully review Terms and Conditions prior to placing orders as all sales are final. 

If there is an issue or concern with a color, this needs to be reported within the first 7 days of receiving your order. If it is reported in the first 7 days - we will send a replacement and cover all shipping charges. After the first 7 days, we will still send out replacements for colors, but the customer will have to cover the shipping charges. We only send out replacements on orders within the first 30 days after the customer receives. After that - we do not send out replacements, so please be diligent in checking your products to ensure you have no concerns with them. 


Unfortunately, no. With a very limited team, we are unable to combine shipping for separate orders. Please be prepared to pay shipping on each individual order.

Processing times are 5-10 business days, which does not include weekends or shipping times. Prior to ordering, please ensure all processing times work for you as we are unable to expedite orders. Paying for expedited shipping does not move the order above others, it only expedites your shipping times once the order has been fulfilled. All orders will be fulfilled within 5-10 business days.

  • Upon the fulfillment of your order, our website instantly sends out your tracking information through USPS or UPS. This is the only way to monitor your package. We do not make calls on lost or delayed packages, as we do not have the staff to sustain this task. We ask all customers to work directly with USPS on locating your package. After 4-weeks from you submitting the issue to the courier and you still do not have your package, we will fully refund all product costs. We do not refund shipping fees and we do not send out replacement packages, so please ensure you are comfortable with this policy as the pandemic has increased shipping issues worldwide.

  • UNITED STATES: Please allow 2-4 weeks at minimum to receive the package during the Covid-19 pandemic. If after 4-weeks you do not have the package, email for a refund on product costs. Again, we do not refund shipping charges. 

  • INTERNATIONAL: You must allow 4-6 weeks at MINIMUM to receive the package during the Covid-19 pandemic. If after 6 weeks you do not
    receive the package, email International Lost
    Packages will be refunded at the cost of the items, excluding shipping
    fees. We will not send replacement items for international orders.

  • "RETURN TO SENDER" orders will be refunded at the cost of the item excluding shipping, or you can pay to have it shipped to the correct address for an additional $10 shipping and processing fee.

Color Questions

YES! All of our colors are: Gluten Free, Nut Free, Lactose Free & Vegan. You can also find all ingredients we use detailed on each color listing via our website! 

Elite Dusts are pigments intended solely for topical application: painting, dusting and airbrushing! They are traditionally used for gum-paste flower work, but are incredibly versatile and can be used in the additional applications mentioned above. Elites are already homogenized and activated, so the color you see in the jar is the color you will get when using. Elite Dusts can also color chocolate, because they are fat soluble. However, you will want to choose the darker, richer tones so the jar will take you much further in your work. 

Master Elites are highly intense pigments, not yet activated! The color you see in the jar is NOT the color you will see when adding to ingredients. They are activated by moisture (ie. water, butter, milk, egg whites, etc). Master Elites are solely intended to tint your ingredients (ie. royal icing, buttercream, fondant, gum-paste, macaron batter, cake batter, etc). The only ingredient Master Elites cannot color is chocolate, as they are NOT fat soluble! 

  • Master Elites are highly intense food colors, solely intended to tint your sugar ingredients (ie. royal icing, buttercream, fondant, batters, etc.). Master Elites are activated by the moisture inside of those ingredients, so the colors you see in your jar are NOT the ultimate color you achieve. To see the true color, simply add the Master Elite to a drop of water - this will show you how the activation works.



  • Royal Icing: Start by adding a tiny amount of food coloring to 2-3 drops of water. This will help kick-start the development process and dissolve the color crystals. Stir around and then add a drop of this mixture to the icing. Go very slowly, as the powders are intense and will start to color the icing right away. Once you get close to your desired tone, stop at a lighter stage and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Go back and stir the icing one last time to ensure the color is where you want it and that the color crystals have completely dissolved - leaving streak-free icing! 

  • Buttercream: Same concept as Royal Icing, add to melted butter or milk during your buttercream process. Allow those crystals to activate and dissolve, slowly adding the color into your main batch of icing. 

  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream: Prepare your Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe.  Remove a small portion (I use 4oz) and place into a separate bowl.  Add your Master Elite color to bowl and microwave for 8-10 seconds.  Remove from microwave and stir; SMBC should be partially melted but not completely liquid.  Return colored buttercream to mixing bowl and allow to sit for 30mins to 1 hour for color to develop. Allow Black and dark colors (Emerald, Red,
    Navy, etc…) to develop overnight to avoid adding excess color. Courtesy of: Courtney Armstrong

  • Chocolate: MASTER ELITES DO NOT WORK FOR CHOCOLATE, they are not fat soluble. Please use Elite Dusts if you are wanting to tint your white chocolate ingredients and see "How to use Elite Dusts" on the FAQ page!

  • French Macarons: Prepare your French meringue. If coloring your entire batch one color, stop your mixer once your meringue has reached stiff peaks and add your Master Elite color to mixing bowl. Turn mixer on and mix for
    approximately 30 seconds until no color remains. If making multiple
    colors per batch, add your dry ingredients to your meringue and gently
    fold until no dry ingredients are visible and stop. Split your batter
    into desired number of bowls, add your Master Elite color to each bowl,
    and continue your macaronage process. Courtesy of: Courtney Armstrong

  • Italian Macarons:

  • Cake Batter:

Your Master Elite IS NOT mislabeled. The color in the jar is not yet activated and you will need to implement it in your ingredients to achieve the true tone of your Master Elite. Please review the education surrounding Master Elites under "Color Questions" on the FAQ page or under "Color Education" on our website. 

Black and White Master Elites are an oxide-based colorant. They are not the same level of intensity as our raw food coloring found in the remaining Master Elite Collection. To achieve a deep black or bright white, you will need to use MORE of these colors than any others. Always start with 1/4 tsp to 1 cup of icing (or other ingredients). Let it develop for 30 minutes and continue to add until you achieve the desired tone. Black and White DO NOT need to be activated by moisture. They will dissolve very well in all ingredients, but you can speed up the removal of "clumps" by sifting the powder first. 

  • Sterling Pearls are traditionally known in the industry as "luster dust." Most artists dry dust them on their sugar art or paint them using Everclear or Vodka. No we do not sell Everclear (I get that question a lot, too) - you must purchase at a Spirits and Liquor store near you! You can also airbrush with Sterling Pearls as well! For these demonstrations, please visit the Sterling Pearl Page under "Color Education" on our website!

  • DiamonDust is 100% Edible Glitter. You do not add anything to your DiamonDust to use it! Keep it dry, it is not intended to paint like Sterling Pearls. Ed and Holly's favorite application with DiamonDust is to use them in a spray bottle, as it evenly disperses the glitter on top of your cookies, cakes, etc! You can also use a fluffy paint brush in the small jar and gently tap over your sugar art as well. 
  • Our Sterling Pearl line is 100% Edible, FDA Compliant and Kosher Certified. We recommend using a Gold from THIS LINE if it is to be decorated on cookies, chocolate, cakes, etc. Wedding Gold is our best seller! Golden Halo is Holly's personal favorite. To see them both in action, please visit the Sterling Pearls page under "Color Education."

  • Highlighter is NOT EDIBLE and should only be used on decorative elements of you sugar art (ie. gum-paste flowers, plaques, bows, etc). Portions of your CAKE that are to be removed and kept as keepsakes. Do not use Highlighter on cookies or any edible sugar art.