Make Edible Gold Sprinkles!

Make Edible Gold Sprinkles!

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Need edible gold sprinkles in a pinch, but don't have any? Watch this quick and AMAZING demonstration on how we use Gold Luster Dust (click here) and our Color Solution (click here) to quickly make some edible gold sprinkles!

The Color Solution is an INCREDIBLE product, among our top 5 best selling product actually, and it can make an amazing edible paint yes (click here for painting tutorial) - but it is also able to adhere edible glitter and luster dust! Check out this tutorial below!

Now, back to our St. Patrick's Day project - we used the same techniques above for both the edible gold sprinkles that were made with regular sequin sprinkles AND our cute pretzel clover! With the clover, we decided to use one of our top selling edible glitters, Gold DiamonDust (click here) to bring the gold of this cake to an even higher level!

Leveling up store-bought cakes can be quick, easy and less expensive if you're needing a fast treat for a party! Just be creative and think about the Sugar Art products you already have - then go to town! 


The Color Solution is the answer to ALL confectionary painting! Use this amazing dilution solution with matte painting powders or metallics! That would be Elite Colors or Sterling Pearls! The formula of our Color Solution is SO GOOD, that it has quickly ranked in the top 5 products we sell here at The Sugar Art! 

When painting confections, many artists have always depended on Vodka or Everclear. The Color Solution provides a longer working time with your edible paint, meaning it will not instantly dry like Vodka or Everclear. But it also does not deteriorate your icing - specifically royal icing for cookies! It is truly the most amazing way to paint all of your confections and can be used on chocolate to adhere luster dust, too! 

For even MORE tutorials on The Color Solution, follow the link below!


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