Achieve bright Colors In Macarons!

Achieve bright Colors In Macarons!

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Want to achieve bright colors in macarons? Look no further than our Master Elite Food Colors! Below is a tutorial by Courtney, where she will show you how to go about your macarons process and adding Master Elites to get those bright colors!


Products Used Are Linked At The End: White Master Elite and Sapphire Sky

Our food colors, The Master Elite Collection, are MOST popular among macaron makers! The reason? Well, when you add gel colors in excess it can ruin the integrity of your macaron batter. And let's be honest, macaron batter is HARD ENOUGH without ruining the consistency! That's why Master Elites are the answer! You can add as much (but we don't recommend TOO much) Master Elite Color as you want, and because they are a dry colorant - they will not affect the integrity of your batter.

However - you need to first ACTIVATE the color! So for macaron batter, you will want to add the color into your egg whites as soon as possible. I will post some additional macaron tutorials HERE!

And Master Elite Food Colors are INCREDIBLE for almost any sugar art medium! See our FULL TUTORIAL on Master Elites HERE.  As you may have noticed, Master Elites are raw pigment food colors and the color you see in the jar is not ultimately the color you will get when using inside of your confection! They must be activated by moisture. The Master Elite will bloom instantly when in contact with moisture!


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