color royal icing fall cookies

Music: https://bensound.com "Once Again"


Learn how to color Fall Royal Icing Cookies with Grace Gaylord!  Achieve vibrant and intense colors using our Master Elite Collection! Don't forget to add DIAMONDUST edible glitter or Sterling Pearl luster dusts to make those cookies shine!


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Additional tips for using Master Elites in Royal Icing, from Grace!

  • Use a vanilla royal icing for the best results.
  • Activate with water (use back of spoon/spatula to mix/activate before mixing into the icing).
  • Use a dropper to add water (not a spray bottle! The color will go everywhere!)
  • Start with a thicker consistency than you ultimately need (since you’ll be adding water to activate); I started with a stiff peak piping consistency.
  • Color to a couple shades lighter than you ultimately need.
  • Once colored to desired shade, allow to sit for a least 15-30 minutes - sometimes “streaks” will appear in this time if you haven’t incorporated the color well enough at the beginning and then you can give the icing another good mix before using.
  • For the purposes of this demo I used 8 ounces (or 1 cup) of icing for each color. For the most part I used a total of 1/4 tsp for each color except the Burgundy which needed an additional 1/16 tsp and this Autumn Gold that needed just 1/8 tsp.