Painting Dusts

How to paint Sterling Pearls (& Elites):

1. Use very little powder, at most 1/32nd of a tsp. You can find an exact measuring tool here -  The Color Ring.

2. Hydrate the powder in 4-6 drops of Everclear, mixing the color crystals and allowing them to dissolve. You can also use Vodka or an extract, but be mindful that vodka contains water and could dissolve your icing. Extracts contain oil and will not dry as well as high-proof alcohol (everclear).

3. Stir the dust with a paintbrush, ensuring you have a semi-translucent consistency.

4. Then paint your surface, understanding it could take 2-3 coats for the overall look you're wanting to achieve.

5. After the initial 3-5 minutes, your surface is dry!

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